Stylish Mesh Bag Making

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I Wished to percentage this idea and knitting development so as so as to add the magnificence of the evening to the web bag.

Let’s start very quickly, let’s end and use immediately!


2 pieces Loren Herbal Child Black (R004) colour ip2.5 mm crochet


1) 115 cm. We pull the chain for a long time.

2) After making 10 needles in 10 chains, we pull 10 chains and sink it into 8 chains and repeat this process until the son reaches 10 chains. We also needle the remaining 10 chains frequently.

3) We will do the same in the 2nd row, but this time we will start with 5 chains after 10 frequent needles and continue with 10 chains. So if we start with 1 row of 10 chains, we will start the rechargeable row with 5 chains.

This process is frequent needle section of our 15 cm. We will continue to cure until it happens.


4) 15 cm. When it comes to the web, we will be able to draw 100 chains for the take care of and continue with 3 chains rather than 10.

5) If we are in the most sensible row, we make widespread needles at the gaps and chains, together with the stems!

After knitting around with THREE rows of needles, our bag can be completed.


Knit with love

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