Summer Shell Model Clutch Bag Making

Hi !

Whilst the elements used to be warmer, i wanted to start making summer time luggage while the spring is coming.

an excessively trendy, savior and past-time recipe comes with ropes.

So let’s get started! :))


1 piece Los Angeles Mia Paper Cushy Milk Espresso (L212) color soft paper yarn1 Loren Herbal Baby Brown (R033) colour hand knitting yarn5 mm crochet


We knit with paper rope.

1) Let’s draw 42 chains.

2) 1 more chain . Let’s return and start making widespread needles. Let’s skip the first chain right here.

3) After completing a row, let’s move on to the other aspect of the chain, once more making a needle till the tip of the row. So we are seeking to create an oval symbol.

4) Meanwhile, let’s positioned the shell sew, that may be, the shell trend.

5) Shell Whilst making the sew sample, let’s wrap the rope within the crochet hook, let’s sink into the third stitch, let’s go out in three times. Let’s do that 5 instances to the same element. Let’s mix the following third stitch with common needles. For the opposite instance, let’s crochet the crochet rope again, let’s visit the next 3 loops, let’s pass 3 times.

6) Once We transfer to the highest row, let’s move the loop to the center of the primary sample. This time, we will be able to placed our samples within the points that we frequently needle in a decrease row.


 7) 7 samples in a row and 7 samples on the other Let’s start knitting.


 8) Let’s proceed knitting the similar for a complete of 11 rows and end.

Summer Shell Model Clutch Bag Making

Summer Shell Model Clutch Bag Making

Natural Baby We knit with brown color thread.

9) Let’s decorate with tassel and desired trend or motif.

sea-shell-modeled-summer-life-making-construction -4

Here it is able! you’ll start the use of it instantly by way of sewing zippers or snaps.


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