Summer Vest Making

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Folks Who wish to supply their youngsters a hand-made new 12 months gift…

here’s a cushy, superb toy that your baby will wish to sleep through hugging at the wintry weather day…

Fluffy snowman will suit your area and your kids will love this toy!

Let’s get started!


1 Snowball Mother Lamb White (K010) color hand knitting yarn1 YarnArt Denims Crazy hand knitting yarn4 mm crochet Small quantity of black and orange color fiber, needle



1. FIVE chains are pulled along side the primary lamb thread and the ends are mixed. 5 unmarried handrails are made in it.

2. 6 rows of single handrails are greater at sure periods and six rows are knitted and 41 single handrails are endured.

THREE. Whilst the knitting period is THIRTEEN cm, 4 single handrails are lower at common periods for the neck phase, and 4 rows are knitted, and the fiber is stuffed and completed.


1. 5 chains are pulled with the primary lamb thread and the ends are blended. 6 unmarried handrails are made inside of.

2. 4 rows are knitted by means of increasing FIVE unmarried handrails at positive durations.

3. 3 rows of knitting with 26 single handrails.

4. THREE rows of knitting are lower and full of fiber at certain periods.


1. THREE chains are pulled in conjunction with the main lamb thread and the ends are combined. 6 single handrails are made inside.

2. 2 rows are knitted through increasing 4 single handrails at positive intervals.

3. 9 cm is knitted with 14 unmarried handrails and the fiber is stuffed and completed.


1. 4 frequent needles are pulled into it through pulling 4 chains with marbling thread. .

2. 3 rows of knitting needles are greater every row, and 18 rows are knitted.

3. 7 rows with 59 needles it is knitted and finished.

4. For the laces of the hat, 7 rows are knitted on either side of the hat with 3 unmarried handrails.


1. 6 chains are drawn with marbled thread and 6 needles are made on it.

2. it’s knitted and completed by means of making 6 frequent needles in every row.

For eyes and buttons; 5 chains are drawn with black thread and their ends are mixed. 10 needles are made and finished. The nostril and mouth are processed with orange thread.


And it’s done!


well being for your fingers !

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