Tasseled Hair Braid Patterned Neck Collar

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I Want to share a beautiful model so we can keep you warm in the wintry weather and different from atypical neck collars. Moreover, it’s simple to knit and ends very quickly.


2 balls of wool of medium thickness in the colour you wish to have (I used Nako Sport Wool within the example) 5 mm trimmed knitting needle


1) We Begin knitting through throwing 108 loops. We knit 6 rows of rubber, one flat and one reverse.

2) 3 loops within the seventh row we knit and start building the trend. We complete the order as 2 immediately, 7 opposite, 2 immediately. We knit the loops within the back row as we see them. (We knit the inverses, the flat in the back.)

3) In The 9th row, we repeat the * signal with 5 inverted * 2 directly, 5 inverted, 2 immediately, 7 inverted * and end the order. Thus, we commence to shift the development we started with 2 immediately. We cut back the distance among 2 flat loops for 7 rows and produce them closer in combination.

4) We put off 5 loops from the 3rd loop after the 8th row, knit and close 5 rows by going again and forth and fall to at least one loop. Thus, we create a ball. We knit our opposite loops and go 2 flat loops to make a twirl (easy braid). We make a ball once more by knitting 6 reverse stitches and eliminating FIVE loops from the 7th stitch.

6) Within The subsequent rows, we increase the selection of opposite stitches among the immediately loops by 2 in each and every row and repeat our motif till we reach 7 loops, and again we put a ball in among. We make auger thrice along the neck collar and begin last even as it is at its widest point. don’t shake your hand an excessive amount of even as doing this, it is going to be helpful as a result of this section will come to the shoulders.

7) Then we minimize 4 items of EIGHTY cm thread for each sew and fold it in half and loop it, we make our tassel.

Health in your fingers.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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