Traffic Light Bookends Making

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The Most Efficient technique to educate our children what the site visitors lighting fixtures mean at a young age is to lead them to really easy and very helpful bookends.

Right Here we introduced this to you in our recipe. .

We Could knit in combination?


Gazzal Baby Cotton hand knitting threads;
1 Black (3433) colour thread
1 Mustard Yellow (3417) color thread
1 Red (3439) color thread
1 Inexperienced (34) color threadBead fiber 2.5 mm crochetAbeslang (Wood stick) Quick glue


Sh: Magic ring

Zn: Chain

X: Scion needle

V: Increment


Black colour is knitted with thread.

1. Pulling 9zn and ranging from the second chain 8x

2-21. 8x (We turn with 1z on the end of every row.)

Round Items (THREE items)

Yellow, Purple and Green color k is knitted with threads.

1. 6x into Sh

2. (v) * 6 = 12x

Let’s stick our coloured pieces to this piece with strong adhesive by way of centering the black piece.

Then, we will paste the main piece to Abeslang.

Right Here it’s!

traffic-lamp-book-brace-making traffic-lamp-book-brace-making

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