Tunisia Heart Pillow Making

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Valentine’s day, middle pillow making with you!

a super choice for tasks that you just want to finish quickly.

Really Useful crochet number for Kartopu Tempo Quantity 10, but we can use quantity EIGHT when knitting our heart pillow.

the reason we used Quantity 8 used to be because it had a tighter look. in order to stop the fibers from popping out, a smaller quantity 2 tunisian crochet was used. THREE items of Snowball Pace Lila (M00782) color ip8 mm tunisian crochetFill fiber


We Will Be Able To get started knitting the guts from its pointed finish.

1. 2 chains are pulled. This procedure is repeated until it reaches 41 loops.

3. the form we get will likely be a triangle.

4. 10 rows Knitting 41 loops with out expanding or lowering.

we’re starting to knit the correct atrium of the center.

5. Most Sensible 20 loops tunisian technique it’s knitted with, the loop holder is attached to the 21st stitch, not knitted and back.

6. 20 loops are amassed.

7. It starts to diminish in the next row.

8. It keeps to knit by cutting one on the beginning and at the finish till 9 loops stay.

the remainder NINE loops are knitted and closed.

10. The operation on the right atrium of the center is repeated on the left atrium.

* so as to take the pillow form, we want to knit 2 hearts.


Sink into the first middle, take a loop from the second one center and exit in a single go. it is closed on this way until 20 cm is left around the guts. The fiber is crammed in the course of the house left in 20 cm. After enough fiber is crammed, the closing procedure continues within the comparable approach.

And our middle is set!

tunisia-heat-heart-pillow-making tunisia-heat-center-pillow-making

Pleasant weaves!

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