Twisted Hair Band Making

Twisted Hair Band Making
Twisted Hair Band Making

Hello everybody!

I’m here with twisty hair bandage braid development.

this is my favourite braid trend!

you’ll be able to additionally see all over this season a very stylish knitting pattern.

i am hoping you’ll love it too.


1 Snowball No: 1 hand knitting thread6 mm skewer4 mm crochet


1) We pull 30 chains with our crochet hook.

2) T we take out a bowknot with the help of crochet.


3) We knit the front face with undeniable weave and our thread to be left in the back of, at the same time as on the back we take the thread forward and make it we knit. In different phrases, we observe the classical flat knitting trend.

4) We proceed to knit 10 rows of flat knitting like this.

5) So As to take away the model, we separate our loops 10-10-10 and remove our loops from the skewer and alter their puts to X. we are making twirl.

twisted-sheet-band-construction-2 twisted-sheet-band-construction

6) We create our braids each THIRTEEN rows, that may be, we weave 13 rows. you’ll change this to the extent you need. twist-sheet-tape-making-3 twist-sheet-tape-making-

7) We Will degree consistent with our head circumference and entire our weave.

8) Then we begin stitching our bandage. We thread the needle and stitch the loops one by means of one. So we are doing hidden stitch.



you’ll be able to knit this gorgeous model with different threads and use it each season.

Come simple!


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