Two Color Patterned Beret Making

Hello everyone!

These Days we are sharing an excessively stylish men’s beret knitting development with you.

Get your skewers, come! we are beginning to knit our beret!


Kartopu Gonca hand knitting yarn;
1 Brown (K890) colour hand knitting yarn
1 Beige (K1862) colour hand knitting yarn3 .5 mm skewer Needle of wool


We knit with brown color thread.

1) We Begin via throwing 134 loops.

2) We knit 2 directly, 2 reverse shaped rubber knit for 15 rows.

3) We knit immediately knit with 6 rows of brown thread after the tire is done.

We knit with beige and brown threads.

4) We knit a undeniable weave with 2 rows of beige threads.

5) Then we begin development the fashion from the template with a brown rope.


We knit the crossed areas with brown thread and the empty areas with beige thread.

6) After knitting the pattern within the template, we knit 2 rows of simple weave with beige colour.


-color-patterned-beret-made-2 We knit with a brown colour thread.

7) We knit 27 rows of plain weaves, on this 27 rows we sometimes building up 10.

8) After knitting 27 rows, we proceed to the relief process. We knit 11 loops and reduce the 12 loops, this manner we entire this row inside the row. We do not subtract the again rows and we knit all loops in opposite.

9) Next we knit 10 loops and cut the eleventh loops.

10)  Within The next row we knit 9 loops and cut the tenth loops.

11) Subsequent we knit 8 loops and cut the 9th loops.

12 ) Subsequent we knit 7 loops and cut the eighth loops.

13) Next we knit 6 loops and cut the 7th loops.

14) Next we knit FIVE loops within the subsequent row and cut the sixth stitch.

15) Next we knit FOUR loops and cut the 5th loop.

16) Next we knit THREE loops and reduce the 4th stitch.

17) We knit 2 loops and cut 1 loop and end the aid.

18) We reduce the knitting thread and connect it to the wool needle. We pass the needle in the course of the loops closing in the needle and agreement. Then we sew the edges of the beret.

Beret is about!



Well Being in your hand!

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