Unicorn Rattle / Teether Making

I’M with you with an attractive and colorful recipe.

Each adults and young children love Unicorn.

we can make this amusing Unicorn rattle teether with you nowadays.

Let’s get started.


Snowball Child Natural rope;
1 Snow White (K010) color rope
1 Powder Purple (K699) color rope
1 piece of Green (K1438) colour of the colour you wish to have a number of strands (for hair making) 2.2 mm crochet fiber Any size eye you wish to have Rattle 1 wood ring (no matter what number of mm)


Sh: Magic ring

x: Common needle

v: Increment

e : Decrement


Sooner Than I continue to the development of the top, i’d love to describe how I constructed around the wooden ring. First of all, I pulled up the chain with the white colour thread, and i made a couple of rows of needles by measuring it in line with the scale of my ring, then i stitched it with the help of a needle.


We Start with powder crimson thread.

1) 6x into Sh

2) Double needle into every hole: 12

 3) (x, v) 6 times: 18

4) (2x, v) 6 times: 24

 5) (3x, v) 6 instances: 30

6-7) 30x

We switch to white rope.

8-9) 30x

10) (4x, v) 6 occasions: 36

Eyes We’d Like to place it within the 10th row and there will be 8x among the eyes. We additionally make eyelashes and mouth with black thread.

11-17) 36x

We fill a few fiber and put a rattle within and cover it with fiber.

18) (4x, e) 6 instances: 30

19) (3x, e) 6 times: 24

20) (2x, e) 6 instances: 18

21) (1x, e) 6 instances: 12

22) 6x

We collect and shut the loops.

Ear (2 items)

We Start with a white thread.

1) 6x into Sh

2) (x, v) three times: NINE

3) (2x, v) thrice: 12

4-5) 12x

6) (2x, e) thrice: 9

7) (1x, e) three times: 6

We sew the ears to the 15th row of the top.


We Start with green thread.

1) 6x into Sh

2 ) 6x

3) (x, v) thrice: NINE

4) 9x

5) (2 x, v) thrice. 12

6-7) 12x

you can stitch the horn by means of centering the ears.

After All, don’t overlook to put on hair just in the back of the horn with colored threads

And our rattle-teether is over

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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