V Model Hair Band Making

Hi !

We ready a very easy and classy hair band recipe for you.

we wish you to knit and use it.

Let’s start knitting in an instant!


YarnArt Air Of Mystery Crimson (303) hand knitting yarn5 mm crochet


1) Allow’s pull EIGHT chains and 1 from the back Let’s make frequent needles in 3 slots. Let’s pull 1 chain, skip 1 slot, and make a needle into THREE slots regularly.

2) Let’s pull again 1 chain and make a needle into each fit in the again row.

3) Let’s go back with 1 chain and make 1 needle. Allow’s wrap two ropes in line with crochet. Permit’s make triple handrails by way of sinking to the phase the place we skip a nest on the backside. Allow’s skip one nest in our standard position and make every other needle steadily. Allow’s pull 1 chain and skip 1 and make every other needle steadily.

4) Allow’s move twice in keeping with crochet and sink it to where the place we did the former triple handrail and make a triple handrail. Let’s go away an area and pin the ultimate slot often.






5) Back with 1 chain and pin each and every slot Allow’s do it again.

6) Permit’s repeat from step 3.

V Model Hair Band Making

V Model Hair Band Making

7) Whilst there are 28 V fashions in overall, let’s sew the ends of our headband and Let’s cover it.

Our V type scarf is set!

v-model-sheet-band-construction-5 v-model-sheet-tape-construction-FIVE

Permit it come simple now!

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