Variegated Baby Sweater Making

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We brought you a very simple and very fashionable child sweater style.

Let’s get started knitting this sweater, that is perfect especially for child boys, if the fabrics are able!


Snowball Lulla Child hand knitting threads5 mm skewers4 buttons



1. Let’s get started with FIFTY SIX stitches.

2. Let’s knit 2 inverted, 2 flat rubber knits for 10 rows.

3. After 20 cm after the tire, Let’s knit the loops in undeniable weave.

4. Let’s reduce a loop in the form of 2-1-1-1 from the best and left edges to make an armhole.

5 . Let’s knit 7 loops right in the middle with harosa. Let’s knit the remainder portions in plain weave.

6. After knitting 20 rows, lower the 7 loops in the middle. On the best aspect, let’s knit THREE loops at the neck and make the others flat.

7. Let’s reduce 1 loop from the aspect of the harosha in every front. Let’s make 10 more immediately knit and reduce the loops with a complete of 5 cuts.

Let’s knit the left side in the related way.


1. Let’s get started with 56 stitches.

2. Let’s knit 2 opposite, 2 flat rubber knit for 10 rows.

3. Let’s knit 20 cm all loops after knitting with flat knitting.

4. Let’s minimize a 2-1-1-1 loop within the right and left edges.

5. Let’s knit THIRTEEN cm after cutting.

6. Let’s reduce 18 loops within the middle at once.

7. Left and right pieces are left, let’s knit them 10 rows and make a buttonhole at both ends.

8. Let’s knit 2 extra rows and reduce all of the loops.

Variegated Baby Sweater Making

Variegated Baby Sweater Making


We finish via sewing the buttons.

Well Being for your hand!

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