Verev Neck Collar Making

Hello ,,

How approximately making a very trendy neck collar?

you are going to be very trendy each in iciness and spring with this Verev neck collar!

Let’s get started !


Badge Saraylı hand knitting threads 5 mm trimmed line


The fashion we made is knitted in opposite. While the weave is done, we need to turn it over and use it.

1. Let’s stitch 100 stitches. Let’s start knitting from the loop on the other finish of the needle. we will knit it lonely. Our sew count should essentially be a good quantity, or the development won’t are compatible.

2. Let’s knit in the form of 1 lower, 1 greenback, 1 reduce from the front, 1 greenback.

we will knit as a lot as we would like. Any Other issue you must pay attention to is that when we make 1 minimize and 1 buck after the first row, we should lower the stitch we cut and instantly to the left of the loop.

3. Let’s knit approximately 20 cm and cut the entire knit the other way up and conceal the thread. Let’s reverse our weave.

and ready!

verev -period-making

Well Being on your hand!

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