Wind Rose / Passion Beanie Making

Hi pals,

I Need to percentage with you the tutorial level of the berem, which i began very fondly and knit almost in a breath. > Use goodbye now


Snowball Spike Beige (K899) color ip2 mm crochet


 1) We form a ring by pulling 6 chains.

2) We create small gaps by pulling 1 chain into the ring we create and sink it. We complete the sequence by making 7 spaces.

3) We complete the sequence by making 2 double handrails in each space and pulling 1 chain.

4) Now we are slowly starting to build our model. Meanwhile, we take the crochet hook behind the handrail and take the rope from the front and take it out in two times. We do the same operation on both gaps, but we increase the 2nd handrail (we sink the same gap once more and take it out twice). (This part is explained in the video)

5) We continue to increase until the number of handrails we receive from the front is 12. You can continue or cut the increment until you get the desired size.

6) When it reaches the size we want, we knit 2 rows without any increase.

7) Then we subtract 3 rows. We knit and decrease the last handrail we increase, by taking it with the previous handrail. We apply the decrement process until we reach the desired level, just as we do each increment.

Wind Rose / Passion Beanie Making

Wind Rose / Passion Beanie Making

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