Wooden Base Bag Making

Hi everyone!

Summer Time has already knocked on our door! this gorgeous bag could also be a summer area!

What do you assert? Let’s get started knitting our bag right now?


L. A. Mia Paper Cushy paper string;
2 Burgundy (L065) color threads
1 Cinnamon (L209) colour thread 1 laptop wood rectangular basket base3mm and FOUR.5mm crochet

find out how to make

We knit with 3mm crochet for easy passing via burgundy coloured threads and holes.

1) First of all, we make one needle to each of the wood bases with our burgundy thread. We make 2 needles into the nook holes so that the corners don’t contract. After the first row is completed, we throw a series to move to the highest row.

We knit with FOUR.FIVE mm crochet.

2) We knit 14 rows of spike knitting patterns from the second one row. . For the Virgo knitting style, we make frequent needles by means of sinking (within the heart of the v form) into the common needles within the decrease row.

We knit with cinnamon color thread.

3) At The end of 14 rows, we go the cinnamon colour and knit the same method for two rows.

We knit with burgundy colored thread.

4) Then we return to the maroon colour and knit another 14 rows.

We knit with cinnamon colour thread.

5) We knit with 2 rows of cinnamon colour thread.

We knit with maroon colour thread.

6)  We knit with 5 rows of burgundy colored thread. We continue to needle ceaselessly. We proceed to knit until the other stalk.

7-8) Then we draw 25 chains again, skip 12 loops and sink into the 13th loop, and make common needles as much as the other stem, and end our row.

9) After We come to the care for, we sink within the heart of the maintain, no longer the highest of the chain.

We knit with cinnamon colour thread.

10) After the sequence is over, we move the edges of the bag by way of executing a line of cinnamon color rope.

Wooden Base Bag Making

Wooden Base Bag Making

Our bag is ready!

Experience use!

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