African Flower Headphone Case Making

African Flower Headphone Case Making
African Flower Headphone Case Making


Our ears are at all times chaotic in our baggage and that is very irritating, isn’t it?

For this, now we have ready a knitting type with a view to make it more uncomplicated with its appearance and use.

Let’s start knitting this stylish knit earmuff presently!


Gazzal Baby Cotton XL hand knitting threads;
Mustard Yellow (3417XL) color thread
Blue (3428XL) color thread
Fuchsia (3415XL) color ip2.2 mm crochet button Needle


Sh: Magic ring

X: Scion needle

< Dc: Double handrails

Dcv: Double handrails increase

Zn: Chain < /

Cc: Loop wrapping



We Commence with yellow thread.

1. We pull 5n and mix with cc to shape a ring.

2. We make 3zn, 1dc, 1dn after which 2dc, 1dn. We do this EIGHT occasions in general till the top of the road. (16dc)

THREE. Let’s connect 1cc to the top of the chain we pull in the first row and reduce the thread.

africa-cicegi-headphone-cover-making-1 africa-cicegi-headphone-quilt-make-1

Blue color rope.

FOUR. We tie our rope to the distance we pull in between.

At the top of the row, let’s mix the 3zn most sensible with 1cc and reduce our thread. afrika-cicegi-kilifi-yapimi-2 african-cicegi-headphone-cover-construction-2

Fuchsia color rope.

5. we restoration it in the gaps we take. 3zn, 1dc, 1zn, 2dc transfer to the other space and repeat this process till the tip of 2dc, 1zn, 2dc row. At the tip of the row, let’s mix it to the top of the 3zn we took within the first row. Let’s make 7dc in total with the chain. We do the same to the other jewelry (7dc). At the tip of the row, let’s mix the 3zn top with 1cc and lower our thread.

african-cicegi-earphone-lock-making-3 africa-cicegi-headphone-quilt-making-THREE

We switch to yellow colour.

7. All dc Let’s make 7x on the ‘s and then 1x by means of sinking into the pink spaces.

Let’s go back with 1zn at the tip of each row.

7. 1x, 3zn, 1x

Let’s sew a button around the mouth.

african-cicegi-headphone-cover-making-5 african-cice-headphone-duvet -made-FIVE

And Ready!

african-cicegi-headphone-cover-making-6 african-cicegi-headphone-cover-development-6

Well Being to your hand!

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