Amigurumi Baby Backpack Making

Hello ,

I Have come up with a great thought to your amigurumi toys.

Those backpacks will be an additional toy for youngsters besides as an eye-catching accessory in your amigurumi toys. < /

Shall We Get Started?


La Mia Diamond Pink (L164) color thread Gray silvery embroidery thread 2.2 mm crochet


zn : Chain

x: Needle

v: Increment

e: Enhancing

blo: Knitting by way of taking it from the again loop


1. 11zn

2. Get Started from 2d zn 1v, 8x, 3x to the similar hole, 9x to the opposite facet = 22x

3. 2v, 8x, 3v, 9x = 27x

4. 3v, 9x, 5v, 9x = 34x

We end the loop through swiping.

5. Now for 1 time and 1 row to go up 34x

6-16 as blo. 34x

17-21. 2e, 26x, 2e = 28x


1. 11zn

2 . 2. Get Started at zn 10x

3-FOUR . 10x

5. 1e, 6x, 1e = 8x

6-10 . 8x

We end with looping.

Arm Sling (2 items)

1. 24zn


1. 8zn


1 . You’ll Be Able To make megastar embroidery on the pocket a part of the bag with other coloured threads.
(You’ll process as you would like.)

2 . I used the grey silvery embroidery thread for the zipper, I made the chain execution means.

And it is done!


Thanks upfront.

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