Amigurumi Baby Jacket Making

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I came up with an excellent recipe for your dolls.

Stunning, easy to make, this jacket will supply your amigurumi dolls a whole new setting.

Let’s start?


1 Snowball Amigurumi Water Green (K507) color ip2.5 mm crochet1 snap button


Cc: Loopshift

x : Widespread needle

zn : Chain

v: Building Up


1 . We Commence by pulling 39z.

2 . From zn, 4x, 2v, 6x, 2v, 10x, 2v, 6x, 2v, 4x = 46x

3. 46x

4 . 5x, 2v, 8x, 2v, 12x, 2v, 8x, 2v, 5x = 54x

5 . 54x

6 . 6x, 2v, 10x, 2v, 14x, 2v, 10x, 2v, 6x = 62x

7 . 62X

8 . We knit 7x, 2v, 12x, 2v, 16x, 2v, 12x, 2v, 7x = 70x

9. 9x and skip 12 stitches (this section will probably be the arm section) and THIRTEEN. we loop stitches to the loop. Then we knit 22x, skip 12 stitches and connect to the thirteenth loop with loop shift, after which knit 9x. = 40


10-16 . 40x

17 . We skip 4x, 4 stitches (this segment will likely be pocket), knit 24x via looping the 9th stitch, and skip 4 stitches (this section will likely be pocket). = 32

18-27 . 40x (We additionally knit pocket parts.)

28 . We make 40x inverted needles.


8x, 16cc, 8x close by threading the third hollow in the neck part of the jacket



Arm section we say will likely be 12x ‘ We go the needle at the loop, and make frequent needles for 12 rows. We apply for both palms.

amigurumi-child-jacket -do I-3


14. and we plant snaps at the 15th rows. when you sew the snap on the best part of the snap by means of hanging 4 needles into the magic ring and sew it, you’re going to get the similar colour button as the jacket.



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