Amigurumi Book Keychain Making

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We Have designed a pleasing key ring type for folks that have shaped a book.

Let’s knit together this significant keychain that you simply can put on in your schoolchild’s bag in combination!


YarnArt Denims hand knitting threads;
1 Crimson (20) color thread
1 White (SIXTY TWO) colour thread2 mm crochet Fiber Key ring apparatus


X: Widespread needle

Zn: Zincir


Book Cover

Pink we knit with colour thread.

1) We pull 27n, 26x from the 2nd chain

We pull a series and are available again. We repeat the same procedure at the finish of all rows.

2-13) 26x

We go away our thread lengthy to sew.

Book Break

We knit with white thread.

1) We pull 37 times, 36x from the 2nd chain

We pull a series and return. We repeat the same procedure on the finish of all rows.

2-3) 36x

We mark the eleventh loops via counting the red piece from the beginning and finish on the duvet as within the image. there’ll be FOUR stitches in between.

amigurumi-book-keyring-making-2 amigurumi-e-book-keyring-making

We pin the piece we knit with white to the 11th loops that we marked from the tip points and combine it with x on this means.




We fill it with fiber and stitch it. you’ll be able to embroider any colour with coloured threads on top.

By Way Of putting the key ring apparatus, our amigurumi book key chain is done!

Easy to return

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