Amigurumi Cactus Keychain Making

Who doesn’t love cacti?

Would Not you always need to carry these all the time living flora that don’t want attention?

Let’s get started knitting straight away!


Snowball Amigurumi rope;
1 Pistachio Green (K1390) color rope
1 Blue (K1620) color ip2.FIVE mm crochet Key chain ring Fiber Different colors for decoration


X: Frequent needle

V: Building Up

A: Decrease

Blo: Knitting via stitching the again of the loops


Flower Pot

Sub Piece

Blue knitted with rope.

1) 6x into the magic ring

2) (v) 6 occasions once more: 12

3) (1x, v) 6 times repeat: 18

4) (2x, v) 6 instances repeat: 24

5) (3x, v) 6 repetitions: 30

6) Blo 30x

7-8) 30x

9) (4x, v) 6 repetitions: 36

10) (5x, v) 6 repetitions: FORTY TWO

11-12) 42x

13) At this time, we take a backside loop and make a frequent needle, i hope the photograph is helping.

Then we reduce the thread. in the next step we can continue to the other process to cover the flowerpot.

cactus-keychain-make -1

Top Piece

Blue knit with string.

1) 6x into the magic ring

2) (v): 12

3) (1x, v) 6 repetitions: 18

4) (2x, v) 6 repetitions: 24

5) (3x, v) 6 repetitions: 30

6 ) (4x, v) 6 times repeat: 36

7) (5x, v) 6 instances repeat: 42

This track We plant it at the flowerpot.


1. Piece

We knit with green thread.

1) 6x into the magic ring

2) (v) 6 repetitions: 12

3) (1x, v) 6 repetitions: 18

4) (2x, v) Repeat 6 times: 24

5-8) 24x

9) (2x, a) Repeat 6 instances: 12

10-15) 12x

2. Track

1) 6x into the magic ring

2) (v) repeat 6 occasions: 12

3-7) 12x

We plant 2 cactus pieces into the bottom of the pot and we stitch the key ring equipment to the primary phase.

in the event you desire, you can embroider with different coloured threads.


health in your hand

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