Amigurumi Carnival Orange Brooch Making

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In Adana every year, orange flower carnival is held in April.

We introduced you this brooch recipe for this pretty carnival!

As brooch or you can also use it as a magnet for your buckle, crown or cupboard.

We Will Be Expecting You All To Adana In April Next Yr


Loren Natural Cotton hand knitting yarn;
Orange (R096) color thread
Inexperienced ( R028) color thread
Yellow (R086) color thread3 mm crochet needle Needle


Sh: Magic ring

x : Common needle

v: Increase

cc: Sew shift

 hdc: Unmarried handrail

dc: Double handrail



Knitted with orange thread.

1. Sh 8x

2. We double dip in every loop (8v) = 16x

3. ( 1x, 1v) * 8 = 24x

4. (2x, 1v) * 8 = 32x

5. ( 3x, 1v) * 8 = 40x

We make the middle strips with the yellow color rope and whole the sides in the same means.


Inexperienced color is knitted with thread.

1. EIGHT chains are drawn.

2. 1cc to the 7th chain

3. 6.xincire 1x

4. 1hdc to the 5th chain

5. 1dc to the 4th chain

6. 1hdc to third chain

7. 1x to 2nd chain

8. We make 1cc to the 1st chain

We pull the 1 chain and opposite the same procedure on the different side of the chain (akin to step 8, then step 7, then step 6).

We stitch the leaf into our brooch as within the image.

amigurumi-carnival-orange-bros-production-2 amigurumi-carnival-orange-bross

We Can knit and stick in your carnival, which smells of orange fragrant plant life. You too can use it on the platform where our hand is bought

Health on your hand!

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