Amigurumi Cherry Making

How about making a very easy and wonderful knitting trend?

With this amigurumi cherry, you’ll be able to make accessories reminiscent of rings, necklaces, or accessories akin to key ring brooches or use them as ornamental on your home.

lets get started?


Snowball Child Natural rope;
1 Red (K125) color rope
1 Green (K1448) color ip2.5 mm crochet earring, brooch or key ring Ring bead fiber Needle


X: Needle

V: Build Up

A: Decrease


Cherry (2 pieces)

Pink color with rope we start.

1) 6x into the magic ring

2) 6v: 12

3) (1x, 1v) Repeat 6 times: 18

4-6) : 18

We fill the fiber.

7) (1x, 1a) repeat 6 occasions: 12

8) 6a: 6

We shut the ri utterly with the assistance of a needle.

After making the second one cherry, we tie the golf green rope to the tip phase and pull 20 chains.



1) After pulling 20 chains with a inexperienced rope, return and make a leaf at the chain for; We make 1 widespread needle, 1 unmarried handrail, 2 double handrails, 1 triple handrail, 2 double handrails, 1 unmarried handrail, 1 widespread needle.

2) Subsequent in preference to knitting, we do the exact opposite (repeating the first row).

cherry-making-2 cherry -making-2

3) Then we wrap the loop in the middle of the leaf.

4) We pull EIGHT extra chains and fix them to the opposite cherry. Our cherry is ready

cherry-made cherry-made

Well Being in your hand!

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