Amigurumi Color Balloons and Cloud Brooch Making

Ready and calling for spring!

With these colorful balloons and cloud, spring will suit you!

Start knitting immediately, use now!


Los Angeles Mia Mercerized Cotton hand knitting yarn;
1 Turquoise (123) color thread
1 Mild Crimson (4) colour thread
1 Dark Purple (35) color thread
1 piece Mild Blue (SEVENTY NINE) color ip2 mm crochet sewing needle Brooch needleBead fiber


Zn: Chain

Sh: Magic ring

X: Common needle

A: Building Up

E: Decrement

Push: Binary handrail

Cc: Sew shift

How You Can make


Turquoise colour is knitted with rope.

1. Pull and switch 15 occasions, 14x from the 2nd chain, Take your flip and turn (14)

2. e, 10x, e, take your turn and turn (12)

3. e, 8x, e, shoot and switch (10)

4. e, 6x, e, shoot and go back (8)

5. e, 4x, e (6)

From this second on we will be able to turn round our knitting.

6. 4 pushes to the ultimate element we need to needle, 2x to the facet, FOUR push to the ground corner, 12x to the ground aspect, 4 push to the corner, 2 push to the highest nook, 4 push to the highest nook, We reduce 2x, FOUR it, 1x, cc and reduce and hide the thread.

Drops (3 pieces)

the desired colour is knitted with thread.

1 . 6x (6)

2. (1x, 1a) * 3 (9)

3.  (2x, 1a) * 3 (12)

FOUR-5. 12x

6. (2x , 1e) * 3 (9)

We fill some fiber.

7. (1x, 1e) * 3 (6)

We accumulate and end the loops.

Drops shall be equidistant from the cloud We stitch within the means.

Sew the brooch pin at the back and your cloud is set.

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