Amigurumi Colorful Baby Dress Making

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Lately I Would like to share with you my amigurumi small children, my get dressed description that you can make in the colors you want.

Let’s get started instantly should you want.


Loren Natural Cotton hand knitting yarn;
1 Gentle Blue (R090) colour thread
1 Bordeaux (R099) color thread
1 Cream (R083) color thread
1 pc Pink (R103) color thread
1 piece Blue (R102) color rope
1 piece Yellow (R086) color rope
1 piece White (R001) color rope
1 piece Mild Inexperienced (R088) colour thread
1 Inexperienced (R028) color thread
1 Military Blue (R005) colour thread 2.5mm crochet


Sh : Magic ring

X : Common needle

Cc: Stitch shift

Dc: Double handrail



We Begin with white colour rope.

1. 28zn, 27x, 1zn, turn

2. 4x, 6zn, 4x soar, 11x, 6zn, 4x jump, 4x, 1zn, flip

3. 4x, 6zn 6x, 11x, 6x, 6x, 4x, 1zn, turn

4-10. 31x, turn 1 and switch

Burgundy color rope.

11-13. 31x, 1zn, turn

We transfer to cream colour rope.

14. 31x, 1zn, flip

Yellow we move the rope to color.

15. We make 3dc to every loop, cc, 2zn

we switch to red colour rope.

16. 91dc, cc, 2zn

Burgundy color rope.

17. 91dc, cc, 2zn

We switch to cream colour rope.

18. 91dc, cc, 2zn

Light inexperienced colour rope.

19. 91dc, cc, 2zn

We switch to dark green colour.

20. 91dc, cc, 2zn

We transfer to darkish blue rope.

21. 91dc, cc, 2zn

We switch to blue color rope.

22. We transfer to 91dc, cc, 2zn

Mild blue.

23. 91dc, cc, 2zn

Burgundy color rope.

24. 93x

amigurumi-colorful -baby-dress-making-1


We Begin with burgundy color rope.

Collar section (1x, 2zn) * 28

amigurumi-colorful-child-get dressed-making

well being in your arms

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