Amigurumi Colorful Fish Keychain Making

Hi everybody!

We introduced you cute little fish key chains. you’ll be able to knit these stunning keychains and present them in your loved ones right away!

Let’s start immediately in case you are ready!


Dora hand knitting threads 2 mm crochetBeading fiberMachine Needle 2 tiny black beads for eyes


x: Widespread needle

v: Building Up

a: Aid

w: THREE widespread needles within the similar position

cc: Sew shift

Guidance < / h2>

We Begin with white thread.

1) Magic ring 6x (6)

2) 6v (12)

THREE) (1x, 1v) * 6 (18)

FOUR) (6x, 1v ) * 2, 4x (20)

5) (7x, 1v) * 2, 4x (22)

We Change color.

6-10) 22x

11) 11a (11)

12) (1a, 1x) * THREE, 1a (7)

We fill it with fiber in order that it’s not too fat.

We transfer to white colour for the tail.

1 THREE) 2x, 1w, (3x, 1w) * 2, 1x, 3cc, 1x, 1w, 1x, 3cc, 2x, 1w, 3cc, 3x, 1w, 1x, 3cc, 3x, 1w (FORTY ONE)

14) We combine the 2 ends with 3x, 3cc, 3x. (6)

We do not fill the tail segment with fiber.


1) Magic ring 6x (6)

< 2-3) 6x

FOUR) 2a (4)

We end and sew.

We make eyes via stitching small black beads.

That’s it!

amigurumi-motley-fish-keychain-made amigurumi-colourful-fish-key chain-making

Health for your palms!

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