Amigurumi Curly Baby Monkey Making


Snowball Amigurumi thread;
1 Brown (K890) thread
1 Pores And Skin colour (K855) ip8 mm eye2.FIVE mm crochet Cloth Fiber, needle, scissors


x: Common needle
v: Build Up
e: Extract



We Begin with cream-colored thread.
1. We pull EIGHT chains.
2. 6x from the second chain, 3x to the similar loop, 6x, 3x to the similar loop
3. We knit all of the row with needles.
We procedure the mouth over the nostril.

Head and Body

With brown string we commence.
1. 10x
2. 1x, 1 popcorn
3. 2 into the magic ring 2 x, 1v
4. 1x, 1 popcorn

5-11. 30x
Right Here we break our braid, put on the eyes and sew the mouth.
Note: Eyes 6-7.

26. (3x, 1e) 6 occasions (24x)
27. (2x, 1e) 6 times (18x)
28. (1x, 1e) 6 occasions (12x)
29. 6e (6x)
We close our weave.


We Begin with cream-coloured thread.
1. 3x
2. 3v (6x)
We go to the brown rope into the magic ring.
3. 1v, 1x, 1v, 1x, 1v, 1x (9x)


We Start with the cream-coloured thread.
1. 6x
2. 6v (12x)
3-4. 12x
5. 6e (6x)
We switch to brown rope.
6-21. 6x
We double our weave and close it with 3x.


We Commence with the cream-coloured thread.
1. 6x into the magic ring
2. 6v (12x)
3-4. 12x
5. 6e (6x)
We transfer to brown rope.
6-13 . 6x
We double our weave and shut with 3x.


1. We pull 25 chains.
< strong> 2. We knit a double needle into each chain from the second one chain.


Sewn our skirt it will be 32x6cm.

We depart a margin to cross tires even as sewing.

You can adorn as you would like, the health of those who will Knit Your Curly Child Monkey is already of their palms .
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