Amigurumi Curly Freckled Girl Doll Making

Hi, Ayşe,

Would you like to have your kid with this curly freckled doll that girls will play with?

If sure, let’s start.

First of all, i’d like to thank my dear @ nilhobyy, who prepared the recipe for this child and permit me give an explanation for it in my video.


YarnArt Jeans rope;
1 White (62) colour thread
1 Skin (73) color thread
1 Blue (55) color thread
1 Pink (20) colour thread
1 Orange (23) color thread1 Snowball Amigurumi Peanut inexperienced (K1390) color thread (for bowler hat) 2.5 mm and 4 mm crochet10 mm amigurumi eye

Video Making

Because The child’s get dressed is a dressable dress, you’ll be able to knit different attire and improve your kid’s video games. Additionally, a bowler hat recipe that I knit later and suits on my child’s head is looking forward to you at the finish of the playlist.

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