Amigurumi Cute Teddy Bear Keychain Making

Hi ,,

We introduced you a perfect couple.

Amigurumi lovable teddy bear is both for you as a lady and a boy!

you can easily knit your loved ones with this recipe. you’ll be able to make key rings.

Let’s get started!


Loren Herbal Child hand knitting threads;
Pink (R095) color thread
Mild Purple (R094 ) colour thread
Blue (R025) color thread
Turquoise (R091) colour thread
White (R001) color thread2 mm crochet 2 pieces of black beads Snowball Etamine Black (K940) color embroidery threadBeading fiber Key chain ring


SH : Magic Ring

X : Frequent Needle

V: Build Up

A : Decrease

Cc: Stitch Scroll

BLO : Knitting from front loop of the common needle


Note: I do not love to knit spirals, I combine the tip of rows with cc, it’s more attentive. . you’ll be able to knit it even as rotating.


We knit with white thread.

1) SH 6X

2) 6V = 12X

3) (1X, 1V) * 6 = 18X

4 ) (2X, 1V) * 6 = 24X

5) (3X, 1V) * 6 = 30X

6 ) (4X, 1V) * 6 = 36X

7-12) 36X

13) ( 4X, 1A) * 6 = 30X

14) (3X, 1A) * 6 = 24X

15) ( 2X, 1A) * 6 = 18X

16) (1X, 1A) * 6 = 12X

Legs and Frame

We Begin with the white thread.

1) SH 6X

2) 6V = 12X

We switch to the rope in blue or pink.

3-6) 12X

2 pieces of this piece might be made. looks smoother and more effective!

7) 11X, 2V, 11X = 26X

8-9) 26X

10) BLO 26X

We switch to turquoise or mild crimson rope.

When I move to the 2d row, I make 2 single handrails to each loop and finally, I go the needle to the hem with a special color. amigurumi-cute-teddy-keychain-making- 2 amigurumi-lovely-teddy endure-keychain-making-2


We knit with a blue colour string.

within the body We knit as 6 frequent needles in the place the place we make blo, we knit 6 frequent needles along 3 rows and pull the chain and fix it to the Blo section on the back of the body.

you’ll make face treatment with black thread and wear the beads as eyes. you’ll be able to end it through installing the newest keychain apparatus.

amigurumi-lovable-teddy-endure keychain-made

Excellent well being!

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