Amigurumi Heart Brooch Making

May you prefer to give a middle to your family members together with your own labor on Valentine’s Day?

In Case Your solution is yes, let’s knit a heart together.

Whether Or Not you can use it as a brooch or keychain, this sweet, tiny middle is immediately you’ll knit and end.


• 1 SMC Catania Crimson colour thread

• 2.5 mm crochet

• Loop marker

• Brooch needle

• Embroidery needle

• Scissors

Finished Measurement

3 cm.

< h2> Abbreviations

SH: Magic Ring

x: Frequent Needle

v : Increase

e: Lower


1) 6x into SH (6)

2) v (6 reps) (12)

3-4) 12x

* We cut and end the thread long.

* Now we will be able to knit the first 4 rows starting from the 1st row again.

* Whilst the 4th row of the second one phase ends, we do not reduce the thread, the first phase starting from the primary stitch of the 4th row, we proceed knitting by combining the 2 parts.

heart brooch

5) First monitor 12x, 2nd observe 12x (24)

6-7) 24x

8) e (12 reps) (12)

9) 12x (12)

10) (6 reps) (6)

* We collect the loops with a needle, knot and pull the thread in.
* Fiber can also be stuffed into the guts in ninth order.
* In the first piece we knit, we sew the gap shaped when combining the long thread we go away between the 2 portions of the center. With this thread, we additionally sew the brooch pin on the again of the center.

heart brooch

Your Heart Brooch is about to decorate your collar in this special day!

in the event you need, those easy recipes can also be gifted on your loved ones via creating a lot of center brooches!


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