Amigurumi Heart Shaped Cactus Glass Top Making

Hello !

We designed a adorable glass top in order that no mud can get into your drink within the glass!

How about knitting this pretty style with our recipe?

Let’s start in no time. !


Loren Herbal Cotton hand knitting threads;
Green (R028) color thread
Brown (R035) colour thread
Powder Purple (R100) color ipA piece of white colour ip3 mm crochet


Sh: Magic ring

X: Scion needle

V: Increment

A: Decrement

Dc: Binary handrail

Zn: Chain



We knit with inexperienced thread.

< 1) 6x into Sh

2) (1v) * 6 (12x)

3) (1x, 1v) * 6 (18x)

4-5) 18x

After knitting pieces on this manner, we continue combining them.

6-7) 36x

EIGHT) (4x, 1a) * 6 (30x)

9) 30x

10) (3x, 1a) * 6 (24x)

11) 24x

12) (2x, 1a) * 6 (18x)

13 ) 18x

14) (4x, 1a) * THREE (15x)

15) (3x , 1a) * THREE (12x)

We leave enough threads to sew, we don’t fill in.


We knit with brown colour string.

1) 6x into Sh

2) (1v) * 6 (12x)

3 ) (1x, 1v) * 6 (18x)

FOUR) (2x, 1v) * 6 (24x)

5) (3x, 1v) * 6 (30x)

6) (4x, 1v) * 6 (36x)

7) (5x, 1v) * 6 (42x)

8) (6x, 1v) * 6 (48x)

We knit powder crimson with colour thread.

9) (7x, 1v) * 6 (54x)

10) (8x, 1v) * 6 (60x)

11) We slide sew and shoot 3 times. We skip 1x, leap 5dc to the similar needle, 1x, leap 1x, 1x, leap to the same common needle, 5dc, 1x and proceed to the 1x process till the top of the series. We end by way of sliding stitches.

If the center is caked, we provide the picture of the thorn with white thread and sew it within the heart of the brown part.

Simple to come back!

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