Amigurumi Hello Kitty Brooch Making

Hi !!

I ready a recipe so as to be very stress-free for ladies.

I wish you to knit this adorable brooch with pleasure.

Let’s get started if you are in a position!


Loren Herbal Cotton White (R001) colour hand knitting yarnGazzal Baby Cotton hand knitting threads;
Black (3433) color yarn
Yellow (3413) color yarnLoren Natural Child Purple (R103 ) color hand knitting yarn 2 mm crochet brooch needle


Sh: Magic ring

X: Needle

V Public Sale

a: Deletion

Zn: chain

Dc: Double handrail


Let’s knit with a white thread.

1. 5x into Sh

2. 5v (10x)

3. (1x, 1v) * 5 (15x)

4. (2x, 1v) * 5 (20x)

5. (3x, 1v) * 5 (25x)

6-10. 25x

11. (3x, 1a) * FIVE (20x)

12. (2x, 1a) * 5 (15x)

13. (1x, 1a) * FIVE (10x)

14. 5a (5x)

Let’s reduce the rope lengthy and gather the rest loops.

Ears (2 pieces)

White colour thread Let’s knit with.

1. 3x into Shp

2. 3v (6x)

< strong> THREE. (1x, 1v) * THREE (9x)

FOUR. (2x, 1v) * 3 (12x)

Nose and Eyes (2 Items)

Let’s knit with 2 items of black thread, 1 piece of yellow thread.

1. 6x in Sh


Let’s knit with a red thread.

1. 10zn

2.  Let’s skip 2zn, 8dc

3. 2zn, 8dc

Let’s tie a string in the middle.

We knit the ears we knit in two

Let’s put the bow at the ear.

Let’s restore the eyes and nose to the head as within the photograph.

don’t overlook to procedure the cat’s mustache with a black rope.

this is it!


Health for your hand!

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