Amigurumi Letters: Making N

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How about teaching your children letters with healthy toys?

in this recipe, we shared the construction of the letter N for you.

Let’s get started our recipe!


Gazzal Child Cotton XL Mustard Yellow (3417XL) colour hand knitting thread Fiber2.FIVE mm crochet


Zn: Chain

X: Frequent needle

A: Decrement

V: Increment < /


We knit items.

1) 9zn, starting from 2nd time 8x, 1zn, return.

2-THIRTEEN) 8x (on the finish of every row we go back and repeat with 1z.)

14) 8x, 16zn

15) 15x (on zn), 8x = 23x

SIXTEEN-17) 23x (on the end of each row we return and repeat with 1z.)

18) 13x, 1a, 1zn, we return. (14x)

19) 14x, 1nn, we flip.

20) 12x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (13x)

21) 13x, 1n, we turn.

22) 11x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (12x)

23) 12x, 1n, we turn.

24) 10x, 1a, 1zn, we flip.


27) 10x, 1nn, we turn.

28) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

29) 9x, 1nn, we flip.

30) 7x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (8x)

31) 8x

amigurumi-letters-n-making -1 amigurumi-letters-n-construct-1

Backside Corner Making

We Start by fixing the thread to the ground corner of the braid as within the image.

amigurumi-letters-n-making-2 amigurumi-letters-n-making- 2

1) 13x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (14x)

2) 14x, 1nn, we turn.

3) 12x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (13x)

FOUR) 13x, 1n, we flip.

5) 11x, 1a, 1n.


EIGHT) 11x, 1n, we flip.

NINE) 9x, 1a, 1n. (10x)

10) 10x, 1nn, we flip.

ELEVEN) 8x, 1a, 1zn, we turn. (9x)

12) 9x, 1nn, we flip.

THIRTEEN) 7x, 1a, 1zn, we flip. (8x)

14) 8x, 1zn, we’re turning.

Making Best Corner

Fix the thread to the top corner of the braid as in the symbol we are starting.

amigurumi-letters-n-construction-3 amigurumi-letters -n-make-THREE

1) 8x, 1zn, we’re returning.

2-14) 8x (on the end of each row, we turn and repeat together with your permission.)

We knit every other piece of the similar piece and shut it round with a needle. We don’t put out of your mind to fill intermediate fibers whilst last.

amigurumi-letters-n-made amigurumi-letters-n-making

well being on your hands!

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