Amigurumi Little Man Made

Hi ,,

I’m Hoping you knit this little guy with love to boot.

really easy, very fast knitting development.

I wrote intimately some of the new friends. .

Let’s start.


Yarnart Denims rope;
1 White (62) colour thread
1 Navy Blue (FIFTY FOUR) color thread
1 Skin color (07) rope
1 Burgundy (SIXTY SIX) color yarn
1 Brown (70) ip2.5 mm crochet 8 mm amigurumi eye Fiber


X: Common needle

V: Increment

E: Decrement

(): Number Of stitches that should be at the finish of the row

BLO: Knitting by means of sewing the back of the stitches

FLO: To the front of the stitches knitting by sinking


Legs (2 items)

we start with pores and skin-colored string.

1) 6X to the magic ring

2) (1X, 1V) * 3 (9)

3-6) We switch to 9X

Army blue rope.

7-9) 9X

The First leg is over.

We process nose and mouth in percentage to the eyes.

11) (4X, 1E) * 7 (35)

12) (3X, 1E) * 7 (28)

13) (2X, 1E) * 7 ( 21)

14) (1X, 1E) * 7 (14)

15 ) 7E (7)

Handles (2 pieces)

we commence with skin colour rope.

1) 6X to the magic ring

2-5) 6X

We transfer to the white rope.

6-8) 6X


we begin with brown thread.

1) 6X to the magic ring

2) We make THREE tassels in every needle.

Hanger (2 items)

we commence with burgundy color thread.

We desire you’re going to like it.

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