Amigurumi Nature Baby Making

We Are here with a very adorable baby fashion!

your children will love this knitted child style that you can simply learn!

Let’s start!


Peria Child Cotton hand knitting threads;
1 Pores And Skin colour thread
1 Pink colour thread
1 White colour thread Alize Diva for hair Black colour thread One piece of tulle 2.FIVE mm needle2.2 mm crochet6 mm colored eyeWhite feltBeadfiber1. 5 mm twine


Sh: Magic ring

Zn: Chain

x: Common needle

v: Increase

a: Relief

w: Expanding the same loop with 3 widespread needles

Blo: Knitting via stitching the back lobe of the loops

d: Plain weave

t: Reverse weave

h: Hahasa weave


Palms (2 pieces)

We knit the surface colour with a string.

1) Sh 6x

2) 6v (12)

3-4) 12x

5)   11x, 1 popcorn

6-7) 12x

8) (2x, 1a) * 3 ( 9)

9-27) 9x

We fill the fiber.

Ft (2 pieces)

We knit with a purple thread.

1) 7x, ranging from the 2nd time, 5x, w, 4x, v (14)

2) v, 4x, 3v, 4x, 2v (20)

3) x, v, 4x, (x, v) * 3, 4x, (x, v) * 2 (26)

4) 2x, v, 4x, (2x, v) * 3, 4x, (2x, v) * 2 ( 32)

5) Blo 32x

6-7) 32x

8 ) 10x, 5a, 10x, a (26)

9) 6x, 6a, 8x (20)

We transfer to white colour .

We procedure the face as in the image.

We put on the hair like a tassel.


Get Dressed

We knit with white thread. we commence our sew with 22 loops.

1-2) We knit all loops in plain weave.

3) 3h, 16t , 1d, v (1 greenback), take 2 loops in combination, so we opened the buttonhole.

4) 3h, 2d, v, 1d, 1v, 2d, v, 1d , 1v, 4d, v, d, v, 2nd, v, d, v, 2nd, 3h

5) 3h, 24t, 3h

6) 3h, 3d, v, d, v, 4d, v, d, v, 6d, v, d, v, 4d, v, d, v, 3d, 3h

7) 3h, 32t, 3h

8) 3h, 4d, v, d, v, 6d, v, d, v , 8d, v, d, v, 6d, v, d, v, 4d, 3h

9) 3h, 40t, 1d, v, we make buttonholes via taking 2 loops together .

10) 3h, 5d, v, d, v, 8d, v, d, v, 10d, v,, d, v, 8d, v, d, v, 5d, 3h

11) 3h, 48t, 3h

12) 3h, 6d, we minimize 12 loops, We minimize 12d, 12 loops, 6d, 3h

13) 3h, 24t, 3h

14) 3h, 24d, 3h

15) 3h, 24t, 3h

16) 3h, 24d, 3h

17) 3h, 24t, 1d, v, we make buttonholes via taking 2 loops in combination.

18) 3h, 24d, 3h

19) 3h, 24t, 3h

20) 3h, 24d, 3h

21) 3h, 24t, 3h

22) 3h, 24d, 3h

23) 3h, 24t, 3h

24) 3h, 24d, 3h

25) We open the buttonhole by means of taking 3h, 24t, 1d, v, 2 stitches together.

26) We finish by means of cutting all of the loops.

Via folding our tobacco into 4, we first stitch the tangential stitch, then add it to the piece of apparel we knit and our get dressed is formed.

amigurumi -dog-baby-making-2

And our child is set!


Well Being in your hand!

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