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Hi buddies, I ready the recipe for our in style popcorn blanket that you simply are very curious and interested by.

you can simply knit this blanket, use all of it year.


Alize Satisfied Child hand knitting yarn;
3 items of Grey color thread
3 items of Yellow color thread
THREE pieces of White color thread 2.FIVE mm crochet

Finished Size

90 * NINETY cm < /


1) We pull a EIGHTY FIVE cm lengthy straight chain.

2) Every slot of the chain we pull We make double handrails as 1 piece. once we come to the top of the row, we flip through pulling 1 chain and make 3 common needles in each slot with 1 widespread needle. After the 3rd common needle, we make FIVE items of popcorn / popcorn right subsequent to it, as we do double handrails, we take out the primary loops and sink it once more to the similar place.

We proceed the collection on this means: THREE widespread needles, 1 punch …

popcorn-blanket-structure-1 popcorn-blanket-structurisi-1

3) when we achieve the end of the line, we go to the top row by way of pulling THREE chains and we make 1 double handrail to every slot until the top of the row. < /

Our knitting keeps to knit in this approach until it reaches 90 cm in dimension. We make 1 row of handrails, 1 row of needles and popcorn.

For a 90 * NINETY blanket, a complete of 62 rows of 44 items of width, this will likely vary in line with your hand, however the reasonable dimensions are this fashion

you’ll be able to amendment the colors as white and yellow after beginning with the gray colour thread and making 2 rows of bees. you’ll be able to also check out other colour mixtures if you happen to desire.

popcorn-blanket-structured-2 popcorn-blanket-built-2

Health for your hand!

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