Amigurumi Panda Ice Cream Keychain Making

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I prepared a adorable or adorable panda keychain recipe for you.

Everybody will appreciate your keychain!

Let’s get started if our foods are able.


Gazzal Child Cotton hand knitting threads;
White (3432) colour thread
Red (3443) color thread
Blue (3451) colour thread
Mustard Yellow (3417) colour thread
Light Orange (3416) colour thread
Green (3448) color thread
Brown (3436) color thread
Black (3433) colour thread
Beige (3445) color thread Felt in black and white colors1.75 mm crochet fiber a work of black thread for processing Key ring ring


Sh: Magic ring

Time: Chain

X: Needle

V: Increment

< A: Reduction

Dc: Double handrails

Hdc: Single handrails

Cc: Loop wrapping

Blo: Knitting from pre-stitching

Flo: Knitting from the again loop



We Start with a crimson thread.

1) 6x

2) 6v = 12x

3) (1x, 1v) * 6 = 18x

into Sh >

4) (2x, 1v) * 6 = 24x

5) (3x, 1v) * 6 = 30x

6) (4x, 1v) * 6 = 36x

7) 36x

White colour with rope We knit.

8-14) 36x

We knit with blue thread.

15) 36x

We knit with yellow thread.

16) 36x

We knit with orange thread.

17) 36x

We knit with green thread.

18) 36x

Brown thread We knit with.

19) Blo 36x

20-21) 36x

22) (4x, 1a) * 6 = 30x

23) (3x, 1a) * 6 = 24x

24) (2x, 1a) * 6 = 18x

25) (1x, 1a) * 6 = We knit with 12x

Beige coloured thread.

26-31) 12x

32) 6a = 6x

We acquire and end the stitches.


We Commence with the golf green thread.

1) Head We Start through attaching a inexperienced thread to Blo, that’s made in the 19th a part of the segment. we weave; Skip 1 widespread needle, the other we fasten into the needle with 1x. We repeat the similar process till the tip of the collection.

Ears (2 items)

We knit with black thread.

1) into Sh 6x

2) 6v = 12x

3-4) 12x

Reduce the string lengthy We acquire the loops.

We stitch the ears we knit on both sides of the top.

For the eyes, we cut and paste the black felt in oval shape; We cut tiny round circles from white felt on best and create the student.

We do not omit to procedure your nostril with a black rope as in the photograph.


Here’s our lovely panda ice cream is ready!

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