Amigurumi Pokemon Keychain Making

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How approximately decorating your keys with Pokemon, the cute hero of children?

you’ll be able to simply knit this lovable recipe with you.

Then let’s start!


Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting threads;
1 Yellow (K330) colour thread
1 Black (K940) colour thread
1 White (K010) color thread
1 piece of Red (K150) colour thread2 mm crochet, fiber Key chain ring Black etamine thread for processing 6 mm amigurumi screw eye


Sh: Magic ring

Time: Chain

X: Needle

V: Build Up

A: Decrement

Dc: Binary handrail

(….) * 6: Repeat the similar operation

Cc: Sew shift



Yellow colour starts with the rope.

1) 6x into Sh

2) 6v = 12x

3) (1x, 1v) * 6 = 18x

4) (2x, 1v) * 6 = 24x

5) (3x, 1v) * 6 = 30x

6) (4x, 1v) * 6 = 36x

7-13) 36x

Eyes NINE-10. IT’S positioned among the rows as 6x between them.

Black colour is modified.

14) 36x

White color is changed.

15) 36x

Red colour rope is changed.

16) 36x

Yellow colour rope is modified.

17) 3dn and 36dc is knitted.

Crochet is knitted by rubber approach.

 18) 36dc

IT IS hid and concealed inside the rope. We do not fill it with fiber.

Ears (2 items)

Black colour is knitted with string.

1) 6x in Sh

2) (2x, 1v) * 2 = 8x

Yellow color rope.

3-6) 8x

The ears are sewn to the sides as within the image.

amigurumi-pokemon-keychain-making-1 amigurumi-pokemon-keyring-making-1

Cheeks (2 pieces)

Crimson colour is knitted with string.

1) 6x in Sh

The rope is left for sewing.

Most Sensible

The purple colour is knitted with rope. 1) 6x

2) 6v = 12x

THREE) into Sh ( 5x, 1v) * 2 = 14x

White color rope.

FOUR) 14x

Black color rope r.

5) 14x

6) (5x, 1a) * 2 = 12x

IT’S filled with fiber.

7) 6x = 6a

The ends are accrued with the help of a needle and drawn inside of.

Black color the rope is fastened at the ball, 70zn is pulled. IT’S passed through the highest row of the top as in the image and removed from the other loop. The ball is mounted and finished.

the key ring is attached to the tip.

amigurumi-pokemon-keychain-making-2 amigurumi-pokemon-keyring-making-2

Nostril and mouth processing is completed with black rope as within the image.

And Pokemon keyring is set.

amigurumi-pokemon-keyring-making amigurumi-pokemon-keyring-making

Health in your palms!

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