Amigurumi Rainbow Brooch Making

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I’m here with a perfect recipe.
you’ll even make two different motifs with a recipe, otherwise you too can attach this motif for your bag as a brooch or embellish your hair as a buckle!
How about you, lets get started?


Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting yarn;
1 Purple (K1709) color yarn
1 Blue (K1620 ) color thread
1 Mild Blue (K551) color thread
1 Green (K1390) colour thread
1 Yellow (K330) color thread
1 Orange (K1250) colour thread
1 piece of Pink (K150) colour rope1 piece of Snowballs Cream colour velvet hand knitting yarn2.5 mm and 3.5 mm crochet needle or buckle


zn: Chain

x: Widespread needle

v: Increment



The cream color is knitted with velvet thread. A 3.5 mm crochet hook is used.

1 unmarried handrail is made in EIGHT holes starting from the second one chain through pulling 10 chains. 2 widespread needles are made to the 9th chain, the closing chain. Slide 1 stitch to the following sew, 1 widespread needle to the following stitch, 1 stitch to the following sew, one double handrail to the following 2 stitches, and 1 tnae stitch to the following 2 stitches, after which a double handrail to the next 3 stitches and eventually 1 loop shift.


Red colour begins with the rope. 2.FIVE mm crochet is used.

1. 8zn, go back 7x

Blue colour rope is changed.

2. 2v, 3x, 2v (11)

Mild Blue color rope.

3. 2v, 7x, 2v (15)

Inexperienced color rope is modified.

4. 2v, 11x, 2v (19)

Yellow color rope is modified.

5. 2v, 15x, 2v (23)

Orange colour rope is modified.

6. 2v, 19x, 2v (27x)

Red colour rope is modified.

7. 2v, 23x, 2v (31)

We end with looping.

Observe: In Case You run the previous threads you tear off from inside of, you’ll get a blank image. you’ll.



As within the picture above, you’ll be able to paste or stitch the cloud to at least one finish of the rainbow with silicon.


If You wish to get a motif like in the image above, double the rainbow Merely paste or sew the cloud over p with silicone.

Well Being in your hand!

Now it is your flip! Whether you brooch or buckle but if you proportion what you do, i’d be more than pleased in case you tag @ rabbitaly from Instagram.

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