Amigurumi Rainbow Teether Making

Hi pricey knitting lovers,

Lately we now have come to you with a healthy teether knitting model that may be crucial for our young children.

it’s an invaluable helper because it saves lives.

Let’s get started!


Loren Herbal Child hand knitting yarn;
1 Pink (R093) colour thread
1 Blue (R025 ) color thread
1 piece of Inexperienced (R088) colour line
1 piece of Yellow (R086) colour line
1 piece of Orange (R096) color line
1 piece of Pink (R003) colour rope
1 Crimson (R103) color ip2 mm crochetLoren 10 Natural Spherical Wooden BeadsLoren 5 mt. white pacifier chain Rattle (not obligatory) Wool needle, fiber


SH: Magic ring

X: Favorites Needle

V: Building Up

A: Decrease


We make EIGHT spherical beads, one of each and every color.

1. SH 6X

2. 6V = 12

3. (1X, 1V) * 6 = 18

4. (1X, 1A) * 6 = 12

We’re beginning to fill the fiber.

5. 6A = 6

We fill the fibers totally and accumulate the loops with a needle.

We organize the small balls you’re going to make in any color by way of passing them in the course of the pacifier chain with the wool needle. I used 3 beads, you’ll decrease or build up the quantity in the event you want. If you want, you’ll attract your young children even more by way of putting a rattle throughout the knitted beads.

it’s so easy to make a healthy teether!


It Will be enough to tag my Instagram Account to take into account of the teether you’re going to make.

I wish you a good knitting already.

Stay wholesome.

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