Amigurumi Sleeping Friends and Velvet Blanket Making

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With our soft velvet threads, we promise your baby a healthy and non violent sleep. Might you favor to knit those stunning toys and blanket with us?

Let’s get started if you’re ready!


Snowball Elegance velvet hand knitting threads;
2 Cream (YMD0047) color rope
2 items of Powder Red (YMD0066) color ipA small quantity of white rope6 mm skewer5 mm crochet stitching needle



We knit with cream coloured thread.

1) We throw 20 loops in the bottle.

2) We knit and lower 17 rows of plain weave.

amigurumi-sleep-friends-and-velvet-blanket-construction-1 amigurumi-sleep-buddies-and- we knit velvet-blanket-made-1

Powder pink thread.

3) We knit once more 17 rows of harosa, beginning with 20 loops. So we knit a work of simple weave, a piece of crochet.

amigurumi-sleep-friends-and-velvet-blanket-making-2 amigurumi-sleep-pals-and-velvet-blanket-production-2

4) We weave pieces of crocus with 24 powdered red threads.

5) We knit a flat knit piece with 18 cream-colored threads.

When knitting is done, you can combine it like me or make it sq. by square.

amigurumi-sleep-friends-and-velvet-blanket-construction-3 amigurumi signs in-al Islands-and-velvet-blanket-making-3

6) Then we pass rows of heterosexual needle with 5 mm crochet on the edges. if you need, you can make a special border.

amigurumi-sleep-friends-and-velvet-blanket-making-4 amigurumi-sleep-friends-and-velvet-blanket-making-4


I were given the recipe for Amigurumi teddy bears from Örgü you can knit these fluffy bears as a crew for your blanket like me. I wish you excellent knitting.

amigurumi-sleep-friends-and-velvet-blanket-construction-5 amigurumi-sleep-friends-and-velvet-blanket-making-5

Health for your hand!

Making Fluffy Bear Circle Of Relatives

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