Amigurumi Sleeping Lamb Keychain Making

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We came to you with a special amigurumi lamb recipe.

you desire to indubitably do that key chain style that may be different from the popcorn lambs you’ve noticed thus far.

Come on now Let’s start!


YarnArt Jeans hand knitting threads;
1 Beige (48) colour thread
1 Cream (03) colour thread2 mm crochet needle key ringRing RibbonPink and black embroidery ipi


Sh: Magic ring

Zn: Chain

X: Frequent needle

V: Build Up

A: Decrease

We knit with beige thread.

1) 6x into Sh

2) 6v = 12x

3) (1x, 1v) * 6 = 18x

4) (2x, 1v) * 6 = 24x

5) (3x, 1v) * 6 = 30x

6) (4x, 1v) * 6 = 36x

7) (5x, 1v) * 6 = 42x

8) (6x, 1v) * 6 = 48x

9) 48x

10) We double the part we knit and fill it with fiber by combining it with 24x.

We finish the rope via cutting and hiding it. We tie cream color thread to the place we completed.

11) 1popcorn, 1x, 1, popcorn, 1x… We knit this manner to the end of the row.


Black embroidery thread as pictured We procedure the eyes and the nostril with the pink embroidery thread. when we stitch the ribbon and sew the important thing ring apparatus, our key ring is ready!

amigurumi- sleeper-lamb-key chain-making-2

Well Being in your hand!

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