Amigurumi Small Teapot Making

Hello ,

These Days, we will make miniatures of our housewares with amigurumi ways.

we will make this little teapot as a brooch, keychain or a toy for our little girls.


1 Los Angeles Mia Diamond Yellow (L160) colour hand knitting yarn 2 mm crochet Orange embroidery thread Fiber, needle


Sh: Magic Ring

X : common needle

V : Boost

A : Relief



1. Sh 6X

< strong> 2. (1V) * 6 = 12X

3. (1X, 1V) * 6 = 18X

FOUR-6. 18X

7. (1X, 1A) = 12X

8. (1A) * 6 = 6X

We switch to orange colour.

9. 6X

Teapot Handle

EIGHT adjacent to the frame we pull the chain and make 1 row of needles and sign up for them in combination.

Health to your palms.

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