Amigurumi Strawberry Cupcake Keychain Making

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I ready a delicious strawberry cupcake keychain recipe for you. i hope you prefer it.

Let’s start knitting right away!


Loren Natural Cotton hand knitting threads
Red (R094) color thread
White (R001) colour thread
Pink (R003) colour thread One piece of inexperienced color ip2.2 mm crochet Bead Key ring


Sh: Magic ring

X: Common needle

V: Building Up

A: Lower

Tr: Double handrails

Flo: Knit through knitting the front of the loop

Blo: Knitting by means of knitting on the back of the loop

Cc: Loop wrapping



With crimson colour thread we knit.

1. 6x in Sh

2. 6v (12x)

3. (1x, 1v) * 6 (18x)

4. (2x, 1v) * 6 (24x)

5. (3x, 1v) * 6 (30x)

6-10. 30x

11. Flo We weave. We come to the top of the row through making 2tr in 1cc, 1 skip, 5 within the same hole.

We knit with white color rope.

12. We knit 30 1tr as blo .

13-15. 30 1tr

16. We knit all the row by way of making cc.


We knit with a crimson thread.

1. 5x in Sh

2. 5v (10x)

3-4. 10x

5. 2a, 6x (8x)

6. 2a, 4x (6x)

We close it and procedure it with a green thread.

We process the bead we knit with a pink thread.

amigurumi-strawberry-cupcake-keyring-making amigurumi-strawberry-cupcake-keyring-making

Well Being to your arms!

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