Amigurumi Summer Hat Keychain Making

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While summer time came summer clothes and equipment seemed, we brought a knitting trend to brighten your baggage and keys for you!

you are going to always want to raise those summer time trendy hats with you. Use these tiny and candy hats, that you can make in a few hours, as a key ring, bag ornament, magnet or buckle.

Let’s get started!


Gazzal Child Cotton hand knit threads 2 mm crochet Scissors, needle Key ring


x: Common Needle

v: Increment

< *: Selection Of repetitions

(): Common needles on the end of the row


< 1. 7x in the magic ring

2. 7v (14x)

3-EIGHT. < / strong> 14x

9. (1x, 1v) * 7 (21x)

10. 1 chain and pull the primary Let’s make 3 double handrails to the loop, 1 chain and 1 common needle to the second loop, 1 chain and make 3 double handrails to the similar loop. on this means, let’s knit all of the row. Let’s close 2 strands with loop sewing method, cut the rope.

So we now have finished the hat.

if you need to make a keychain, you’ll pull EIGHT chains and create a round prior to cutting the rope. in the event you want to shut the space on the back and make a magnet, you can knit the first rows we make, and sew it to the distance and stick a magnet with silicone. -kind = “image” src = “ material/uploads/2019/05/21011513/20190514_162637 .jpg “alt =” amigurumi-cottage-hat-keychain-making-1 “width =” 639 “peak =” 359 “/> amigurumi-cottage-hat-keychain-make-1

if you happen to make those tiny hats Instagram I’d be at liberty if you tag the @rengimce_hobi page in.

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