Amigurumi Trinket Semazen Production

Amigurumi Trinket Semazen Production
Amigurumi Trinket Semazen Production

Hello, I Would Like to tell you about this semazen recipe, which is utterly my utility and recipe. On The Grounds That I Could Not to find the amigurumi recipe before, I knitted it to me why no longer one evening and made the recipe for this web site. Get it easy now…


2.5 mm crochet Mia Diamond
White (L001) colour thread
Skin (L075) color thread
Brown (L158) thread


x: widespread needle

v: building up

a : reduction

flo: knitting through dipping the front loop



Pores And Skin we commence with the colour rope.

1. 6x into the magic ring

2. (x, v) * 6 = 12x

THREE. (2x, v) * 6 = 18x

4-6. 18x

7. (x, a) * 6 = 12x

8. 6a = 6x

We switch to white rope. < /

9. 6x

10. 2x, v, 2x, v = 8x

11. 3x, v, 3x, v = 10x

We adjust the increments to the shoulders.

12-15. 10x

SIXTEEN. (x, v) * 10 = 30x

17. 30x

18. (2x, v) * 10 = 40x

19-22. 40x

From right here on, you’ll continue increasingly more according to the shape you want, and it is going to end in the 32nd row. i finished it as 50x.

Arms (2 pieces)

we start with a white color string. we entire it via knitting.


we commence with the brown string.

1. 6x to the magic ring

< strong> 2. 6v = 12x

THREE. Flo 12x

4. 12x

FIVE. (2x, v) * FOUR = 16x

6-7. 16x

8. (3x, v) * 4 = 20x

9. 20x

Our Amigurumi Whirling Dervish is over. We get a amigurumi trinket that matches Fes fantastically on her head and stands on her skirt. Get it simple now.

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