Amigurumi Weft Rabbit Rattle Making

Hello once more to everybody,

i am right here with the special written recipe of the Rabbit Rattle, which I advised you to make on my YouTube channel, with a different written recipe.

it is very simple and 100% organic on your young children.

I also introduced the video playlist on the end of the submit, as there is also individuals who cannot consider the written recipes or are stuck someplace.

Let’s get started if you’re in a position.


YarnArt Jeans thread;
1 White (62) color thread
1 Pink (20) color thread Black and orange embroidery thread 8 mm amigurumi black eye70 mm rattle ring Rattle balls 2.5 mm crochet hook, fiber


SH: Magic Ring

ZN: Chain

X: Common Needle

V: Increase

A: Lower

*: Do Not Repeat

IMPORTANT: Translate cotton threads I do, as a result of; The toys we knit touch the delicate pores and skin of our babies. They take them into their mouths all the way through teething classes. So at least make a choice cotton threads that don’t lint !!!



We Start with white colour thread. > 1) SH 6X

2) 6V = 12

3) (X, V) * 6 = 18

4) (2X, V) * 6 = 24

5) (3X, V) * 6 = 30

6) (4X, V) * 6 = 36

7) (5X, V) * 6 = 42

8) (6X, V) * 6 = FORTY EIGHT

9) (7X, V) * 6 = 54

10) (8X, V) * 6 = 60

11-24) 60X (14 ROWS )

We put on amigurumi eyes with 10X periods between 12-THIRTEEN rows.

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