Amigurumi Whale Brooch Making

Hi again,

I took a break, however I worked for you again.

We brought you a super amigurumi knitting trend.

you’ll do it in a short time like 1 hour. this knitting trend will go well with the summer time!

I labored with pastel colors, however you’ll be able to knit it in the colours you wish to have.

Let’s start our amigurumi whale brooch at the moment!


Los Angeles Mia XL Mercerized hand knitting threads;
1 Water Green (137) colour thread
1 Purple (4) colour thread 2.5mm crochet needle Black, yellow and pink etamine threads Needle

Abbreviations < / h2>

Sh: Magic ring

X: Needle

V: Building Up

A: Decrease

Time: Chain

HDC: Single handrail

M: THREE stitches in combination knitting relief

W: THREE common needles to one loop

Blo: Sinking to the back of the loop knitting

*: choice of repetitions


1. 10Zn, 9X from the second one chain We knit once more across the chain, knitting some other 9X = 18X

2-6. 18X (5 rows)

65850602_470461030448593_782271876423489 amigurumi-whale-bros-making-1

7. 8X, 1M, 7X = 16X

EIGHT. 7X, 1M, 6X = 14X

NINE. 6X, 1M, 5X = 12X

10. 4X, 2M, 2X = 8X

11. 4X, 1A, 2X = 7X

< strong> 12. 7X

amigurumi-whale-bros-build-2 amigurumi-whale-bros-construct-2

Little Need to apply the series from this order.

you can get started the usage of it in an instant through stitching your brooch pin, and knit it in numerous colours and provide it in your family members. amigurumi-whale-bros-making-6 amigurumi-whale-bros-yapimi-6

We Would Like you to knit with pleasure 🙂

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