Amigurumi World Brooch Making

Hi There !

I ready an excessively easy international brooch recipe for you.

How approximately knitting this trendy brooch in combination?

Let’s get started at the moment!


Gazzal Child Cotton hand knitting threads;
Light Blue (3423) colour thread
Inexperienced (3449) colour thread
2 mm crochet needle Needle


Sh: Magic ring

X: Common needle

V:  Increment

A: Decrement

(.) *: Repeat as many as the quantity written

The letter (m) subsequent to the number method blue colour, (y) approach inexperienced colour knitting


We knit with light blue colour rope.

1) We knit into Sh with 6x

Mild blue and inexperienced threads.

2) Gentle blue 4v with color rope, 1v with green colour rope, 1v with light blue color rope (12x)

3) 1x with gentle blue color rope, 1v with inexperienced color rope, open Light blue color rope (1x, 1v) * THREE, inexperienced color rope 1x, 1v, gentle blue colour rope 1x, 1v (18x)

4) Inexperienced color 2x, 1v, 2x with rope, 1v, 2x, 1v, 2x, 1v with rope, 2x, 1v with inexperienced rope, 2x, 1v (24x) with mild blue rope

5) 6x with green thread, 10x with light blue thread, 4x with green thread, 4x (24x) with light blue thread

6) 2x with mild blue colour rope, 3x with inexperienced colour rope, 11x with light blue colour rope, 4x with inexperienced color rope, 4x with mild blue colour rope (24x)

7)  16x with light blue colour rope, 4x with inexperienced colour rope, 4x (24x) with gentle blue colour rope.

We knit with mild blue color rope.

8 ) 24x

We knit with light blue and green thread.

9) 2x, 1a, light blue thread with inexperienced thread with (2x, 1a) * 5 (18x)

10) 1x with inexperienced thread, 1a, with light blue thread (1x, 1a) * 5 (12x)

1 1) 1a with inexperienced thread, 5a (6x) with light blue thread

We gather the remainder loops with the needle and fix the brooch pin to the again.

Our brooch is ready!


amigurumi-dunya-bros- make-1

Use on stunning days!

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