Anakuzusu Baby Vest Making

Hello !

We’ve ready a cute baby vest fashion with a view to suit your lovely children!

Let’s start knitting in an instant!


Snowball Anakuzusu Snow White (K010) colour hand knitting yarn 5 mm skewers


Vest begins from the again.

1) Let’s get started through throwing the bottle EIGHTY loops. . Our model is knitted as a knit.

2) Let’s knit until we get to the arm reduce. Let’s minimize 7 loops from the edges for the sleeve reduce and proceed knitting to the shoulder. once we get to the nape, let’s lower our knit directly. Again, let’s cut 7 loops for the sleeve and are available to the collar phase. within the related method, we knit the other entrance aspect and sew it from the edges and shoulder.

FIVE) Make a loop removing from the again neck and front collar parts for the collar and knit it to the specified collar measurement.

Our mane is over! It’s that straightforward!

you’ll beautify it by means of stitching flowers or pearls.

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