Ancient Patterned Supla Making

Decorate Your Tableware With the Class of Historic Patterns!

The folded pattern title known as “Meander” in the Historic Age Menderes The Form of the pattern represents the folds of the Menderes river, and this trend was typical in architectural buildings, ceramics and wall decorations in Antiquity. It has managed to survive to the existing day through preserving its popularity within the a long time.

you’ll also place the traditional patterns on the tops, blankets and pillow edges, and so forth. you’ll make your knits flashy by means of making use of them to your property.


Snowball Macrame yarn
1 Snow White (010) colour yarn
1 Black (940) color ip4 mm crochet marker


x = Common Needle

v = Increment (1 frequent needle from 1 needles are made too continuously.) (Ex. 1v = 2x)


1) 7 frequencies into the magic ring needle is made.

2) 14x (Each needle is submerged two times two times.)

3) 21x (1 pair, 1 single)

4) 28x (1 pair, 2 unmarried)

5) 35x (1 pair, 3 odd)

6)  42x (1 pair, FOUR odd)

7) 49x (1 pair, 5 extraordinary)

8) 56x (1 pair, 6 atypical)

9) 63x (1 pair, 7 extraordinary)

10) 70x (1 pair , 8 unmarried)

Start the trend.

1 increase in common needles.)

* This process is repeated 7 times for 2 rows.

12) THREE. 2x (White), 2x (Black), 2x, 1v, 3x (White), 2x (Black)

* This process is repeated 7 occasions for two rows. 

13) 2nd position 2x (White), 4x, 1v, 3x (Black), 2x (White), 2x (Black)

* This procedure is repeated 7 instances for 2 rows.

14) 6th, 1v, 3x (White), 2x (Black), 2x in seventh position (White), 2x (Black)

* This procedure is repeated 7 occasions for 2 rows.

15) NINE . 7x, 1v, 6x (Black), 2x (White), 9x, 1v, 6x (Black)

* This procedure is repeated 7 instances for two rows. 

16) In The 11th row, only white colour is made with increments of seven instances. (Overall 140x happens.)

Level 2 of the Pattern (Divided by Development NINE)

17) 2x (White), 3x, 1v, 10x (Black), 2x (White)

* This process is repeated NINE occasions for 2 rows.

 18) 2x (White), 2x (Black), 5x, 1v, 6x (White), 2x (Black)

* This process is for 2 rows Repeat 9 times.

19) 2x (White), 6x, 1v, 7x (Black), 2x (White), 2x (Black) )

* This process is repeated 9 instances for two rows.

20) 8x, 1v, 1x in 18th position (White), 2x (Black), 2x (White), 2x (Black)

* This operation takes 2 s it is repeated 9 occasions inside the ira.

21) twentieth place 9x, 1v, 9x (Black), 2x (White), 11x, 1v, 9x ( Black)

* This procedure is repeated 9 times for two rows.

* 230x occurs at the finish of the twenty first row. 

22) 22.

it is best white and no increase within the order.

Use on happy days.

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