Angel Bookends Making

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Today now we have prepared a brace recipe that is very fashionable and also you can use in many places.

Let’s start knitting in an instant if we got our threads!


Kartopu Organica Crimson (K244) color hand knitting yarn2.1 mm crochet


Sh: Magic ring

Hdc: Single handrail

Hdcv: Single handrail increase

Time: Zincir


1. Take 12hdc

2. 2h into Sh, 6hdcv (12hdc)

3. Let’s shoot 2 occasions, 12hdcv (24hdc)

4. Let’s reduce the rope and knit 8hdc from the middle.

5. 2zn, let’s pull 3zn and make 1hdc at the backside of the chain. Let’s skip two loops and make 1hdc, 3zn, 1hdc to the same sew. Let’s skip two loops and make 1hdc, 3zn, 1hdc to the similar sew.

6. Let’s do 1hdc, 3zn, 1hdc into the spaces as we did within the earlier order.

7-8. Let’s make 2hdc, 3zn, 2hdc into the distance.

9. Let’s take 40zn by way of taking a loop from the top of the angel as within the photograph. Let’s put on a tassel on the tip.

That’s it!

angel-book-brace-making angel-e book-brace-making

well being for your hands!

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